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Take on a trail run challenge to test your legs and perseverance! Conquer three hills in one go. Join us for our second Fearless Dragon Trail Run!

It doesn’t matter if you walk or run. Follow the route on the Maclehose Trail (Stages 6-8), crossing Needle Hill, Grass Hill and Tai Mo Shan, and enjoy the rewards – impressive valley reservoirs, reaching one of the three tops in the city via steep stairway, breathe-taking view from above the hills, and giving support for the promotion of social inclusion.

All ages and abilities are welcome. We have Inclusive category especially for persons with a disability who have the equal opportunities to partake and contribute to the community.
You will be helping to raise funds to support the life-changing programmes and services of Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society.


Date 28 September 2019 (Sat)

Route 1:
Distance: 20.5 km
Route Kam Shan Road => Shing Mun => Lead Mine Pass => Twisk
Start Time: 9:00am
Time Limit: 9 hours


  • Individual Solo Men (total of 6 age groups)
  • Individual Solo Women (total of 5 age groups)
  • Team of 4 (Men’ s Team, Women’ s Team, Mixed Team)
  • “Inclusive” Team of 4 (must include 2 disabled participants )
  • Secondary School Team (include 1 teacher + 3 students or 4 students from same school)

Route 2:
4.6 km
Route Kam Shan Road=> MacLehose Trail => Wilson Trail => Tai Po Road => Kam Shan Road
Start Time: 8:45am
Time Limit: 2 hours 


  • Individual Solo Men ( age 15 of above )
  • Individual Solo Women ( age 15 of above )
  • Team of 4 (age 12 or above)
  • Secondary School Team (include 1 teacher + 3 students or 4 students from same school; students must be age 12 or above)
  • Family Team (There must be at least one participant aged 21 or above,and at leastone of member aged between 6 -16, 2-4 members)

Registration fee Individual: $300 Minimum Donation $400 (per person)

Team of 4: $1,200 + Minimum Donation $1,600 (per team)


Each runner (who has registered as Individual or Team) will receive a pack of souvenirs, including:
– Event Tee
– Blue Mountain Sports purchase discount coupon
– Percussion Therapy Device, Theragun, purchase discount coupon
– Miracle Life Nature Soother (trial pack)
– Arthostrong SOS Joint Gel 5g (trial pack)
– Salonpas FDA Pain Relief Patch 1’s
– Luggage storage bag

Finisher Prizes

All finishers complete the race within official time limit will receive following prizes:
1. “Golden” Finisher Trophy
2. Towel

Registration Date April 2019

20% earlybird discount of registration fee 14 May – 17 May 23:59

Registration Deadline21 Aug 2019 limited quota & availability on a first come first served basis

Fearless Dragon Trail Run Facebook Page HKNPIS Web Page

Run for Persistence!




Fearless Dragon Trail Run – Physical Training by Lena Mama 


Date: 8 June 2019 (Sat)
Time: 9am – 12nn
Meeting Point: Sheung Wan MTR station Exit A1
Route: run from Sheung Wan to the Peak, and do physical training exercises at the Peak
Trainer: Lena Mama (Female Champion of Spartan race in Hong Kong)
Content: physical training for strengthening muscles and cardiovascular endurance, useful for uphill and downhill. Sharing of how to effectively and comprehensively increase physical fitness
Fee: $50 per person
Remarks: please bring at least 1 litre of water and energy food. Heavy breakfast is not recommended. Optional gear: visor or sun glass

Training Registration


Fearless Dragon Trail Run – Trail Run Training by Thomas Lam 

Date: 13 July 2019 (Sat)
Time: 9am – 1pm
Meeting point: Shing Mun Reservoir BBQ site
Route: from Shing Mun Reservoir to Lead Mine Pass (via Needle Hill and Grass Hill)
Trainer: Thomas Lam
Content: sharing of how to adopt different strategies in different landscapes in order to increase the finish time, and practice part of the race course
Fee: $50 per person
Remarks: please prepare trail run gear, 2 litres of water and energy food. Optional gear: visor or sunglass

Training Registration


Course Map

Route 1

Distance: 20.5 km
Route: Kam Shan Road => Shing Mun => Lead Mine Pass => Twisk

Max elevation: 919 m
Total climbing: 1826 m

Route 2

Distance: 4.6 km
Route Kam Shan Road=> MacLehose Trail => Wilson Trail => Tai Po Road => Kam Shan Road

Max elevation: 284 m
Total climbing: 467 m



The organizer has its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident of participants. We recommend that you have your own personal accident cover.


Runners who has following disease are not recommended to participate the race and all the participants are at own risk: a) Congenital or rheumatic heart disease; b) Hypertension or cerebrovascular disease; c) Myocarditis and other heart disease; d) Coronary artery disease and serious arrhythmia; e) Diabetes; f) Any other diseases which can aggravated by running


Date and time of collection: To be confirmed Venue: Blue Mountain Sports Room 1111, 11/F, Pakpolee Commercial Centre, 1A-1K Sai Yeung Choi South Street, MongKok, Hong Kong




Start Point: Kam Shan Road of MacLehose Trail Section 6 (Click here for Google Map showing its location) Check point 1: Shing Mun (Click here for Google Map showing its location) Check point 2: Lead Mine Pass (Click here for Google Map showing its location) Finish point: Rotary Park ( Click here for Google Map showing its location)


Start point: Water & sports drinks Check points: Water, sports drinks & snacks Finish point: Water, sports drinks & snacks


Location Distance Closing Time
Start point: Kam Shan Road 0km 9:15am
CP1: Shing Mun 4.6 km 11:00am
CP2: Lead Mine Pass 11 km  2:00pm
Finish point: Rotary Park  20.5km  6:00pm

* Participants, arriving the check point after the closing time, will be regarded as disqualified. LUGGAGE/ DROP BAG

Each participant can storage one luggage before the race and the luggage will be transferred to finish point; luggage tag will be provided but not including storage bag; The organizer has no liability for any loss and damage of your personal belongings, suggest you to take along any valuable belonging with you.


Start point: Bus No. 72 & 81 (bus stop at Kam Shan Road near start point) Finish Point: Bus No. 51 (bus stop at Twisk)


-The organizers reserve the right to cancel or cut short the event for the following reasons:

Weather: adverse weather conditions.

Others: landslides, rockfalls or hill fires along the course; protests or blockage along the course force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the organizer and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event. A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, act of God, war, hostilities, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, commotion, strikes, go-slows, lock outs or disorder, blocked or inaccessible roads or trail

– NO REFUND for any reason of cancellation, no refund and no re-schedule. 


Fee per person: $300 registration fee + minimum donation $400


Route 1: 20.5km

Individual Solo Men Men I: Age 18 – 29
Men II: Age 30 – 39
Men III: Age 40 – 44
Men VI: Age 45 – 49
Men V: Age 50 – 54
Men VI: Age 55 – 70

Individual Solo Women Women I: Age 18 – 29
Women II: Age 30 – 39
Women III: Age 40 – 44
Women IV: Age 45 – 50
Women V: Age 51 – 70

Team of 4 Men’s Team
Women’s Team
Mixed Team

“Inclusive” Team of 4 must include 2 disabled participants in each team

Secondary School Team 1 teacher & 3 secondary school students or 4 students from same secondary school

* All participants of Route 1 in solo category & Team of 4 must be 18 years old or above. (Age calculation based on 28 September 2019; born on or before 28 September 2001)

* All participants of Route 1 in “Inclusive” Team of 4 & Secondary School Team must be 15 years old or above. (Age calculation based on 28 September 2019; born on or before 28 September 2004)

Route 2: 4.6km

Individual Solo Men   Age 15 or above (one category only)

Individual Solo Women   Age 15 or above (one category only)

Team of 4  Age 12 or above (one category only)

Secondary School Team  1 teacher & 3 secondary school students or 4 students from same secondary school,
 secondary school students must be age 12 or above

Family Team

There must be at least one participant aged 21 or above,

and at least one of member aged between 6 -16, 2-4 members 

* All participants of Route 2 in solo category must be 15 years old or above. (Age calculation based on 28 September 2019; born on or before 28 September 2004)

* All participants of Route 2 in Team of 4 & Secondary School Team must be 12 years old or above. (Age calculation based on 28 September 2019; born on or before 28 September 2007)

* A participants of kid Route 2 in Family Team must be 6-16 year old (Age calculation based on 28 September 2019; born on 28 September 2003 – 28 September  2013)


Finisher Certificate
E-certificate could be downloaded in result page after result announcement. 
Prizes (Route 1)

Top 3 in each solo category: Medal and prize will be awarded to the top 3 in each category.

Top 3 in Team Category: 

  • Team of 4 (Men’ s Team, Women’ s Team, Mixed Team)
    Champion: medal & prize
    1 st runner-up: medal & prize
    2 nd runner-up: medal & prize
  • “Inclusive” Team of 4 (must include 2 disabled participants )
    Champion: medal & prize
    1 st runner-up: medal & prize
    2 nd runner-up: medal & prize
  • Secondary School Team (include 1 teacher + 3 students or 4 students from same school)
    Champion: medal & prize
    1 st runner-up: medal & prize
    2 nd runner-up: medal & prize

Trophy and prize for Overall Champion of Men & Women.

Prizes (Route 2)

Top 3 of Individual Solo Men, Individual Solo Women, Team of 4, Secondary School Team & Family Team will receive medal & prize

Entry List

Coming Soon

About Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society

Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society (HKNPIS) (IRD reference no.:91/11809) was a non-profit organization found in July 2011 by a group of passionate persons with a disability, social workers and professionals. Its objective is to facilitate the active participation of persons with a disability in the community, and nurture the culture of diversity, inclusiveness and altruistic behaviors.

HKNPIS facilitates equal participation in sports rehabilitation, education and empowerment, application of assistive technology as well as arts and culture. HKNPIS also advocate the collaboration of the Government, business sectors and civil society on building an accessible environment in which everyone can contribute to the creation of inclusive society.

Love Nature   Green measure

  • Bring your own hydration system: to save the environment and avoid pollution, runners are recommended to bring your own hydration system including folder cup, hydration bag, reusable bottle, etc. No paper cups will be provided in the race. Please take enough water and sports drinks you need and don’t take too much to avoid wasting them.
  • Litter-Free: bring your gels, bars, candy, bananas and whatever that will keep your energy in high level, but do remember to take your trash with you always and don’ t leave in our beautiful nature and pollute our environment.



LEUNG Ying Suet – Hong Kong’s Top Long Disance runner

International Association of Athletics Federations CECS Level 1, Impaired athletes Coach, Member of the Hong Kong Athletics Team before.The first runner of trail run in 2015 -2017, including Raleigh Hong Kong 30km, Totem Run 57km, HK100km etc.

Chan Ka Ho – HK’s Top Middle Distance Runner & Coach of Fearless Dragon Running Team

Chan Ka Ho, renowned middle distance runner, sets up total of five Hong Kong running records in his running life. With passion in running, he was representative of Hong Kong Athletic Team from 2005 – 2014 and is now a running coach in various public organization and NGO including Fearless Dragon Running Team.
His motto in running & coaching is “Be Brave to Try” & “Never Give Up”!

Christy Yiu Kit Ching – HK’s Top Middle Disance and Marthon runner

Christy Yiu Kit Ching, is a famous marathoner in Hong Kong, represented Hong Kong to join the 2016 Summer Olympics. A record holder of Hong Kong women 10 km, 15 km &marathon, currently as a team memer of Hong Kong Athletic Team. She joined many overseas international race, actively participated in sports charity activities and being running coaches to promot sports health.

Kenny Sze – Ultra Runner & Teacher

Kenny Sze, a teacher of Special school of mild mental retardation for 18 years, is a famous ultra marathoner in Hong Kong. He started running from 2006 just because a simple reason ~ “Keep Fit”, finally he found that running is not only limited to sports ground, it is a kind of travel experience that you could explore the area around, then he was addicted to running and began running more and more! He initiated the event of Ultra Run namely “Crazy Run” in 2014, aiming to encourage people to challenge themselves by ultra run. “Crazy Run” was 180km in the fist year and now has been extended to 246km in 2018.

Alice & Celvin – Never Give Up Mother & Son

Alice and her son Celvin are training partners. The iron-willed mother and son were seen in pair in many tough running races. Celvin (aged 19), who suffers from autism spectrum disorder, has been actively participating in trail running races as well as marathons together with his mother Alice for several years. They have completed 100 km trail walk and many ultra-marathons, including the desert race. Alice is happy to witness the impact of running on Celvin – he has got calmer and shown perseverance in races. Alice hopes to help more people in need in our community through Go Fun Fearless Dragon Trail Run.

司徒兆殷 photo by (Kitty Chan)

Ka Wai – Trail Running Coach

Wong Ka Wai, outstanding trail runner and trail running coach. Ka Wai has nurtured a love of nature from an early age that led him in trail running. He is active in local and oversea trail running races and has made remarkable achievements, including Championship in Oxfam Trailwalker in Hong Kong (2017) and in Japan (2010). He finished in 10th place in Gobi Desert Ultramarathon race 2019 and 12th place in Fuji Mountain Race 2019. He is also the 1st runner up of Ten Times Needle Hill 2015 (clocked 4 hrs 15 m), ranked 4th in Translantau 100 km race and Champion of Hong Kong Half Trail Marathon series.

司徒兆殷 photo by (Kitty Chan)

Lena Tsang – Fit Mum 40+

Lena Tsang, a mother of two, started weigh training and physical exercise to lose weight 5 years ago, and eventually became a Fit Mum. She took part in Spartan Race in Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia and won several prizes last year, including the Master Champion in Hong Kong. Lena is also 1st runner-up of the 42 KM Open Cup(Women) in Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours 2017 and age group Champion of TransLantua 25 km race in 2018. She shares tips on exercise and keeping fit on her facebook page LenaMaMaHK

Thomas Lam – Running Coach & Trail Runner

Thomas Lam, local famous marathoner and trail runner as well as registered IAAF coach, has a vision to bring happiness and health to more people. Thomas is the record holder and champion of various trail runs and ultramarathons. These include Convoy Totem Run 57km – 4 mens team, Hong Kong (2015 & 2017), UTHZ 100km – 2 mens team, China (2017), HK168 Champion (2013), 3 times Champion in Oxfam Trailwalker Hong Kong (2015 & 2010, Mixed 2014), etc.


The beneficiary organizations including following parties. 

HKJC Support Service for the Children of Disabled Parents The organization arrange tertiary students (Wise Walker) to provide the children of parents with a disability with door-to-door tutoring & guardian sessions. A series of experiential learning activities and training are offered to the parents and their children, as well as the Wise Walkers.

Fearless Dragon Running Team & Fearless Buddies’ Academy Fearless Buddies’ Academy is a tripartite mentorship programme that recruits teenagers and members of the public to join the members with a disability in running training adventure-based training and social services.

Community-based Support Service for Persons with Acquired Disability Its goal is to support people who have sight, hearing or limb loss as a result of an illness or accident, to rebuild their lives and find the new direction.

Life Education Centre Persons with a disability will become life coaches who are able to help trainees developing positive thinking and self-esteem through systematic motivation training. 


(1) Cheque Payment by Post

Please complete the donation form together with the crossed check and mail to:

Flat A, 9/F, Wing Wong Commercial Building, 557-559 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. 

Payable to: Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society Limited

Receipt: All donation of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible. A tax deductible receipt softcopy will be emailed to you before December 2019. 

(2) Bank Transfer

Deposit the donation to the following account:

Hang Seng Bank390-398550-001

Name of Company: Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society Limited

Please send the bank-in slip by email:

Receipt: All donation of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible. A tax deductible receipt softcopy will be emailed to you before December 2019.

Top Donors Award

Top 6 donors will be awarded with various prizes. You are welcome to donate money even you do not join Go Fun Fearless Dragon Trail Run 2019.

Essential Info

Rules & Regulations

Beware & Be Polite To Hikers: Please be reminded that there are lots of hikers on the trails and please be considerate and mindful to other people on the trails.

Cup/bottle: Disposable cups are not provided, please bring your own cup/ bottle in order to enjoy the different kinds of beverages.

Race Bib: Race bib to be worn on Front of you but not on your back. Number bib cannot  be cut or altered and whole number MUST visible clearly from the front.

Start On Time: Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes after official start will NOT be allowed to start and will be classified as DNS (Did Not Start).

Closing Time:Participants must arrive start point, check points and finish point on or before scheduled closing time, otherwise, will be regarded as disqualified. Team:All the teams must start, pass through the check points and finish line together to encourage team work spirit, finish time of the team will be according to the last team member passing the finish line.

Protest: Any protests must be made within 30 minutes of finishing and HKD100 fee will be collected at command centre of finish line.

Amendment: $200 will be charged for amendment each time.

Passing: When passing please yell out and give signal to runner in front of you “Passing on your left or passing on your right”.

Final Decision: Race Director has final decision on all matters.

Entry: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse entry for any reason; The registration fee and donation is non-refundable once paid.

Rules: Runners got caught breaching competition rules as noted below will be disqualified immediately a) Refuse to stop the race and be collected when passing the cut-off time; b) Refusing to follow the competition rules and guidelines; c) Littering; d) Disrespect the race organizing committee; e) Not step on along designed course or run short-cuts; f) No pacers allowed and supporter(s) of the runner must stay within 50 meters of water checkpoint only and cannot give drinks, food or any kind of support along course.


Title Sponsors

Gold Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Supporting Organization

Media Sponsor




I certify that I am physically fit for volunteer work on race day. I understand that I am participating in the Event at my own risk, and responsibility. I hereby explicitly agree to abide by all rules and conditions of the Organizer. I hereby discharge the Organizer and any other individuals or organizations connected directly or indirectly with this Event including the Venue Sponsor from any responsibility in the event of loss of property, injury or death incurred during, as consequence of or while traveling to or from the Event (other than personal injury or resulting from the negligence of the Organizer, or the Venue Sponsor, or any other individuals or organization connected directly or indirectly with the Event). I also irrevocably grant the Organzier, Co-organizer and Venue Sponsor the right to photograph me during the Event and have my name, voice, likeness and appearance made into photographs, sound, video or multi-media recordings relating the Event (”Recording”) and to use the Recording in perpetuity throughout the world, in all media now known or hereafter devised for any purpose, whether in advertising or for purposes of trade or otherwise. I acknowledge and agree that no payment or other compensation shall by payable by Organzier or Venue Sponsor in connection with the Recording or any use thereof. (This declaration is written in both English and Chinese. If there is any conflict in meaning, the English version shall prevail.)

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